"Setting The Captives Free!" Luke 4:18


Ministries or CAM

A place where " Meeting the Needs of Others" is what we do.  AND we are in the business of empowering individuals to become all that God has destined them to be.  

"We have all made mistakes!"  …And sometime we all need a second or third chance. 


Hey...we are doing life together and sometime as we walk this path of life together we need someone to listen and guide us. Well we can help you!

It's time we move beyond the barriers of our past and present and look to the future! 


We're not called to judge; however, we are called to be " fruit inspectors! "

So, I ask you, what kind of "Fruit" are you producing or better yet what kind of "fruit" do you want to produce?

Check us out and see if we can be of assistance to you.  After you've checked us out contact us and lets see how we can work together, I look forward to hear from you!