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"Setting The Captives Free!" Luke 4:18

AACC Christian Care Network

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12 Step - Certificate Course

We define addiction as choice or habit that has taken control over us and has now become a disease. We teach that because of the wrongs that others may have done to us along with our wrong choices, the tremendous pain and hurt in our inner beings leads us to turn to unhealthy habits and behaviors to seek relief.

We are addressing the spiritual component of addiction by Educating, with understanding, the inner sickness that infects individuals and families and Showing the way to recovery and healing. Empowering and proving that RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE!

This Course contains a description of:

  1. What Emotional Strongholds are
  2. Information on the whole person aspect Body, Soul and Spirit
  3. Gives explanations of fear as the cause of our problem
  4. Specific instructions for Bible Study and Biblical Journaling
  5. Information about Healing Memories and Soul Ties
  6. Prayers for Healing Memories, Healing Abandonment and Breaking Soul Ties
  7. Additional tools for completing a Step 10 Daily Inventory

Course is based upon the AA 12-Step program and adds additional growth steps. Upon completion of course participants will be given a Certificate of Completion to proudly display and be able to advance to become a Facilitator if they desire to instruct others, whereby using their addiction life experiences to assist and encourage others.

This 17 week course deals with 30+ common addictions such as: 

     *Alcohol *Anger *Anxiety *Approval Dependency * Codependency 

     *Drugs *Depression *Fear *Food *Gambling *Internet Usage

     *Loneliness *Male/Female Dependency *Nicotine *Over-Spending

     *Over-working *People-pleasing *Perfectionism *Pride *Sex/Pornography