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"Setting The Captives Free!" Luke 4:18

AACC Christian Care Network

Board Certified Professional Pastoral Counselor

Splankna Practitioner

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 Looking for your next speaker or ministry team?

We have the answer!

Our ministry team reaches out beyond the four-walls of the local church and into the community possessing a message that is void of denominational lines and prejudice. This dynamic ministry propels the Word of God through Songs of Praise, Testimonies, and Exhortations that will inspire and uplift.

We are called to "Set the Captives Free" (Luke 4:18) and to "GO into all the world" (Mark 16:15) seeking to reconcile ALL people back to Him and His perfect plan.

This dynamic ministry has unique personal testimony concerning Domestic Violence, Drug and Alcohol abuse, Codependency, and "YES!" even Sexual Abuse along with many other topics. WE are..."The Victorious Survivors!" and we are here to tell you, "you can do it too". We are raising the standard and striving to not only live it but teach it. No closet skeletons for us to hide, we tell it all in Love, with Humor, and Godly Wisdom! No matter how unlovely you may think you are or have acted...He sent us to tell you, that He still loves you and wants you back.

Contact us today for more information. We are ready, waiting, available, and eager to meet you! 

"Blessing to YOU from CAM!"