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"Setting The Captives Free!" Luke 4:18

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Due to lack of Community or Public Participation we are currently NOT HAVING CITIZEN CIRCLE MEETING; however, CAM does utilize these principles within our organization, re-entry and recovery housing. For more information on this subject or our program please contact us.


Citizen Circle exists to establish a spiritual faith-based supportive community to help re-acclimate participating ex-offenders into the community by educating, mentoring, exhorting, and providing supportive resource programs geared toward creating strong healthy PRODUCTIVE CITIZENS.

CIRCLES ARE...Community Response to Meeting the Need?

Citizen Circles are a group of community members committed to helping offenders make the change from offender to Citizen.

Citizen Circles create partnerships that promote social interaction and accountability to help offenders become productive citizens.

Citizen Circle offenders, and their families develop relationships with community members and jointly develop a plan to help the offender become a productive citizen.

Citizen Circles communicate to offenders the belief that their debt has been paid and the community is willing to accept them as a restored citizen.

Citizen Circles provide the opportunity for developing partnerships, making a difference in an offenders behavior while promoting community safety.

Citizen Circles Focus on Eight Dynamic Domain Areas:

  1. Employment - Work and the role of work in the person's life, including education and vocational skills;
  2. Education - Education and vocational skills desired;
  3. Family/Marital - Being with family members and the support an offender derives from them;
  4. Associates/Social Interactions - Positive interaction with community members and non-criminal associates with the opportunity for positive interaction with peers;
  5. Substance Abuse - Living without reliance on alcohol and/or other drugs;
  6. Community Functioning - Knowledge and skills for daily living, including safety, an acceptable place to live, health, personal budgeting, leisure activities, and the use of social services;
  7. Personal/Emotional Orientation - Decision-making, coping with stress, and practicing mental health and wellness activities.
  8. Attitude - Supporting law-abiding behaviors and involvement with religious activities.

Who should be involved in Citizen Circles?

  • Faith Communities
  • Neighbors and Employers
  • Community Organizations
  • Victims and Families
  • Ex-offenders and Families
  • Educational Professionals
  • Social Service Agencies
  • Law Enforcement and Corrections
  • Mentors

How do Circles Work?

  • Offenders seek involvement of their own free will.
  • Requirements for acceptance into the Citizen Circle
  • Complete the application process
  • Accept responsibility for past behavior
  • Acknowledge the harm caused to others
  • Accept agreed upon recommendations
  • Participate in community service
  • Set goals that focus on becoming a law abiding, and productive citizen
  • Citizen Circles focus on the future rather than the past.
  • Circles create an environment aimed at fostering acceptance.

Join Us!

Make a difference that will last by helping our community. Support ?Citizen Circles? with your time and/or financial support. All donations are tax deductible. Make checks payable to CAM or "CORPORATE ANOINTING" Ministries. For more information on Ohio's Re-entry program go to or contact the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections.