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"Setting The Captives Free!" Luke 4:18


"By Utilizing my Anointed Giftings from my Spiritual Tool Box

I will Teach, Motivate, and Empower those I come in contact with and

facilitate growth within them and myself." Jeremiah 29:11 and Psalms 37:5


Approx.6 years   Valley Gate Recovery Ctr. - Sexual Abuse & Codep. Fac.

1999 - present    "CORPORATE ANOINTING" Ministries - Founder/Director

2002 - present     Seneca County Jail Chaplaincy-Sr. Chaplain/Vice President

2004 -present      Sandusky County Jail Chaplaincy- Sr. Chaplain

2002 - present     Prison Ministry Kairos M.C.I. Outside, Community, and Canada

2004 - present     Victory Christian Fellowship - Minister/Exhorter

2005 - present      IFPCC-Certified Christian Minister - Ordained Sr. Chaplain

2006 - present     Citizen Circle Contact Agent for Seneca and Sandusky County

2006 - present     W.S.O.S. Community Action Advisory Board

2006-present       Fremont Ministerial Association - Board

2006 -present      Sandusky County Homeless Continuum

2008 - present     Sandusky Co. Reentry Collaboration Partner

2008 - present     Ohio Benefit Bank - Counselor

2008                     Gov. Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives - Regional Round Table- Russian Consortium on Homelessness

2008 - 2010         Project F.B.I. (Families Being Involved) - ODRC Mentor

2007 - 2009         IFPCC-Ohio State Director

2009 - 2011         Kairos Inside/Outside MCI - Board and Core Team Member

2009 - present     Sandusky County Community Corrections Advisory Board

2012 - present     Walking the 12 Step Facilitator/Trainer

2012 - present      Thinking For A Change Facilitator

2013 - present      ODRC Reentry Contact Agent

2013 - present      Splankna Practitioner

2013 - present      Christian Auditory Meditation Therapy SoulCare Research Li censure    


Terra State Community College

         1992 Interpreting/Transliterating Degree

Rhema Bible College

          1993-1997 General Studies

Supernatural Ministries Training Institute (SMTI)

          2001-2003 Supernatural Helps, Ministerial Practicalities, Advanced Survival Techniques

Light University and the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC)

          2002 Extraordinary Women;

          2006 Marriage Works;

          2007 Caring for People God?s Way I & II ?Breaking Free;

          2008 Biblical Counseling Diploma;

          2008 & 2009 Life Coach;

          2010 Addiction Recovery & African- American Cultural;

          2011 Treating Sexual Addiction & Stress and Trauma Care with Military Application;

          2014 Parent Coaching

University of Maryland

          2004 International Critical Incident Stress Foundation Pastoral Crisis Intervention

University of Michigan

          2004 Trauma, Grief & Loss, Incident Stress, Critical Incident Stress Management, Ethics, Divorce, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing, Depression, Death Counseling, Confidentiality & Law

St. Petersburg College

          2005 Leadership; Domestic Violence; Senior Suicide; Domestic Violence; Loss, Healing, & Hope; Elder Abuse; Turning Points in Transcending Loss; Post           

                   Traumatic Stress Disorder; Patients With Limited English Proficiency; Psycho-social Aspect of Chronic Illness or Disability, Depression; Negative Effects of 

                   Care-giving; Sleep Physiology & Hygiene; Ways to Reduce Stress; Assertive Communication Skills; Bio-terrorism; & End of Life

          2006 Domestic Violence; Holy Spirit Counseling For Chaplains Certification; Advanced Course in Miracles; Clinical Training Completion; Certified Basic        

                   Chaplaincy Trainer; Recovery Natural Disaste and Financial Crisis; Crisis (Professional and Clinical Completion), Theory of Self-Esteem, Significance to  

                   Mental Health; Impact of Healthy Self-Esteem in Minors; & Issues Affecting Social Sanctioning Role Play with Self-Esteem Issues

International Fellowship Pastoral Counseling & Chaplains (IFPCC)

          2005 Critical Incident Stress; Management; Domestic Violence Intervention; Professional Ethich; Executive Leadership

          2007 Certified Intervention Specialist Suicide, Facing the Giants in Life

          2008 Suicide Intervention Specialist II

Sun Coast Yellow Ribbon

          2007 Gatekeeper Training Suicide Prevention

          2005, 06, & 08 Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Citizen Circle Re-entry Training "Going Home to Stay"; Rehabilitation Services   

                    Commission and Community Partners Workforce Development (06) Development Workshop Working with Ex-Offenders/Tips, Tools & Techniques for  

                    Workingwith Ex-Offenders

          2007 & 2008 Crisis Prevention Institute Inc. Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training & Prof. Development

          2008 Ohio Institute on Corrections Best Practices Community Corrections: Ensuring Results through Evidence - Based Practices; Project F.B.I. ODRC  

                   Mentor Training; Second Harvest / Ohio Benefit Bank Counselors; Toastmasters Speech Crafter; Community Partnership Making Media Work by  

                   "Working the Media"

          2009 OHIO State Extension Budgeting and Finances

          2012 Walking the 12 Step Facilitator/Trainer

          2013 Christian Auditory Meditation Therapy SoulCare Research Licensure & Splankna Institute Practitioner