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"Setting The Captives Free!" Luke 4:18

AACC Christian Care Network

Board Certified Professional Pastoral Counselor

Splankna Practitioner

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  • 1996 - Envisioned "CORPORATE ANOINTING" Ministries (CAM); it is corporately together that the anointing would flow and we would become the cam shaft or wheel within a wheel that would propel others.
  • 1999 - Formed a music ministry to accept the great commission to "Go". So we went into the jails/prisons, area churches, and the community.
  • 2002 - Became incorporated as a non-profit our home office was located in Tiffin, OH.
  • Began ministering in Seneca Co
  • Became Active in the Kairos Prison Ministry - MCI, Lancaster Community, Canada
  • 2003 - Side by Side Mentoring training
  • 2005 - Moved Office to Fremont State St.
  • Citizen Circle Train and began Sandusky/Seneca Citizen Circle
  • Began working with low income, homeless individuals and families, reentry population.
  • Experienced Works first employee began
  • Began networking with selected organization (Ministerial board, WSOS, Homeless Coalition)
  • 2006 - Started the Bread of Life Program
  • Became a homeless organization
  • Became participants in the Experience Works Employee Program
  • 2007 - Started Food Pantry with another organization
  • Became State Director for the International Fellowship of Pastoral Counselor and Chaplains
  • Became women's coordinator for services at the Sandusky Co. Jail
  • 2008 - Moved to present location
  • Ohio Benefit Bank Certified Counselors
  • Soup Kitchen began out of community need
  • Began offering community service for reentry and ex-offenders
  • Received Ohio Benefit Bank equipment grant (allowing any individual computer access)
  • 2009 - Started Ordained Ministers for Jail/Prison Ministry
  • Resigned IFPCC State Directors position to focus on local area issues and reentry
  • Started Citizen Circle of Tiffin
  • Was officially appointed the Faith Based Reentry Coordinator by the Reentry Collaboration Team, Jim Seaman, and Major Fligor
  • PEDALS, PC4U, and other various program began
  • Expanded present facility to approximately 4,000 Sq. ft.
  • Began Walking the 12 Step program at Fremont, Crosswaeh, and Seneca Co Jail
  • Received Emergency Grant from United Way
  • Began training the Sandusky Co. Jail Chaplains
  • 2010 -